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We provide search engine marketing training on web analysis and latest search engine marketing trends, including free SEO tips for organic search, PPC campaigns Web Analytics and Internet marketing. Not all of existing concepts reflect our point of view but we concentrate mostly on the fresh outlook related to the opportunities presented by the Internet.



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Search Engine Marketing Training

Online search engine marketing training is a relatively new service offered by AFG Solutions because of overwhelming demand from our clients. In this information age its important to have the right technical knowledge and experience in order to remain competitive. Our clients can choose to have their technical staff participate in a search engine marketing training programs which will result in improvement of their existing SEM skills or development of new skills.

search engine marketing trainingOur SEM training programs involve up to date technology courses, updated regularly. The online training model gives people the flexibility to participate in courses at their convenience without having to leave their home or office.

We offer search engine marketing courses for non IT staff because its important to have some technical understanding among all departments. Our Internet guru provide specialized training for beginning and intermediate students who want to become future search engine marketers and to learn how to drive targeted Internet website traffic and acquire professional SEM skills.

Web Analytics and Internet Marketing

If you are interested and would like more information about our search engine marketing training courses, please click here. Our customer service representatives will contact you shortly. SEM training programs

We utilize a customized approach to determine client’s needs and objectives and we offer extensive services to help our client's small business do big business. We use advanced technology and the latest SEM techniques in a customized form in order to provide the most effective solutions for our clients.

We regularly publish search engine list with data for the Top U.S. Search Providers. Top ten search engines are ranked by by total searches that represent the total number of queries conducted at the provider.

Top U.S. Search Providers by Searches, February 2009
Provider Searches (000) Share of Total Searches (%)
Google5,394,190 63.5
Yahoo! Search1,415,354 16.7
MSN/Windows Live881,050 10.4
AOL Search 320,098 3.8
Ask.com162,226 1.9
My Web Search 55,772 0.7
Comcast Search 42,895 0.5
Yellow Pages Search 37,636 0.4
AT&T Worldnet Search 17,371 0.2 Search15,880 0.2
Source: Nielsen Online

On a regular basis we are also reviewing free SEO software and commercial search engine optimization tools. Knowing search engine tools is not enough to become an SEO expert. But they can facilitate your preliminary work on becoming a true search engine marketing specialist.