About Us

What is a Web Analytics?

Why do you need Web Analytics?

Everybody knows about Google Analytics... It is a great piece of software for collection, reporting and analisys of your website data. The basic set up of Google Analytics is not difficult. However, getting the true value out of Google Analytics takes more effort and know-how. Afg Solutions is a data driven company. We focus on the measurement and analysis of your data to get actionalble insights, identify measures needed to achieve your goals and to understand visitors behavior on the web pages. GA collects important website data that allows to determine success of those goals, to measure and benchmark website performance.

Beyond Google Analytics

While managing your Google Analytics account we will prepare for you monthly status reports that will help you make informed business decisions based on your goals. Yet, most of the GA tasks shows what is happening only on-site. It is important to remember that Google Analytics is not really a business intelligence tool, you can't use personally identifiable information. You can't capture with GA a username email address, home address, social security number or even phone number. None of this can be captured in Google Analytics, as it is very anonymous. Every business has its own competitors. Sometimes they reach the goals that your website does not. The modern research conducted by our data scientists will show you why, so you don't have to rely only on a gut instinct.

Online Reputation Management

The growth of the internet and social media, have made search results a core part of any business reputation. That's why the process of managing public perception of your business is extremely important. Our data analysts focus on the management of your product and services search results within the digital space.

Opinion Mining

The rise of social media such as blogs and social networks has fueled interest in Sentiment Analysis, sometimes called Opinion Mining. With the rise of reviews, ratings, recommendations and other forms of online expression, online opinion has turned into a kind of virtual currency for businesses looking to market their products, identify new opportunities and manage their reputations. By using text analytics and other methods our data scientists can systematically identify, extract, quantify and study online information about your products and services, and its impact.